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    Clients Say

    Sharona specializes in her clients' needs whether it's finding a lease, a purchase or selling a home. Her depth of knowledge and experience has made Sharona one of Los Angeles' premiere real estate professionals.
    Here’s what some of her clients have to say. 

    A very close family friend recommended Sharona to us because of her reputation in Los Angeles as well as knowing every nook and cranny that there is since she’s been doing this for decades. When I read her website and it said “living and breathing real estate” I sort of laughed to myself to be totally honest. Now that Sharona has found our exact dream home I realize that she truly does live and breathe real estate. Kudos to you LA born and bred Sharona Alperin. If we ever grew out of this house I definitely know who to call.
    Adam G
    When I started the search for my new home I knew the only realtor that I could ask to help me get what I want is Sharona Alperin. I couldn’t be happier in my new home, thank you so much my Sharona.
    Dan S
    When we came to LA and needed to find a terrific lease overlooking the ocean our dear friends told us to call you. They were right, you took me and my wife to some of the best buildings along the ocean until we found the right space to spend our winter. We have definitely decided to find our LA home in the sky, and you will be hearing from us in the next couple of months. Much love and respect to a hard-working Mom. We have nothing but praise for you for the consummate professional you are!
    David C
    Several years ago Sharona sold my wife and I our home we raised our two sons in. Now that I started a new chapter in my life I called on Sharona to help me find the right place. We searched and explored different areas of Los Angeles until we found my perfect new home. There’s nobody in LA that I could highly recommend other than Sharona. You are amazing!
    Eric E
    I wanted the experience of designing a home with my taste that I felt was timeless as well as gorgeous. One day I was discussing this with Sharona when she saw my finished product, she was so impressed that she said one day we’re going to do this again and you’re going to have another experience with another type of architecture to enjoy. Exactly what happened was I sold his home in a matter of days, bought a new home in the foothills in Sherman Oaks near to my children’s schools. This has proved to be one of the smartest moves that I could’ve possibly made when I did it. Thank you so much for having the faith in me being able to do the designing and reconstructing of a home that I really have come to love. I’ll be looking for my next project before you know it. Love you Sharona
    Jennifer M
    Team Sharona, I’m so glad we met you at the open house that has now become our home. You were so right when you said this was a great family area, our children have found friends right on the same block now where we live. And people say that’s impossible in LA. Not true. And most of all we want you to know that we appreciate and realize the outstanding job you did for us without ever knowing you were being recommended to you like many of your other clients. Keep up the good work!
    Jessy S